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Begin the Beguine

Meher Baba’s favorite song was “Begin the Beguine” by Cole Porter. Baba remarked the song had an eternal meaning. He listened to the phonograph record with enjoyment on numerous occasions.

Baba had told Eruch several times, “Wherever my body drops, bring me and put me in the crypt at Meherabad,” and He had also asked the Mandali to play the record “Begin the Beguine” after He dropped His body. And indeed, the song was played on a gramophone several times, both at Meherazad where Baba dropped His body and at the Samadhi where He lay in the crypt for seven days before entombment.

We present here several versions below, including the ones Meher Baba listened to, first by Chick Henderson and then, after that record wore out, by Hutch Hutchinson. Please see below or the menu at left for articles on the song.

Also, Tony Zois has two splendid pages devoted to “Begin the Beguine” at his Meher Baba Travels site, here and here.


What is it about that song? Billy Goodrum’s column “Begin the Beguine” at Sheriar Books

Fred Marks on “Begin the Beguine

I Know But Too Well What They Mean, by Max Reif

Interpretation of “Begin the Beguine,” by Patricia Sargent

When They Begin the Beguine, by Bill Cliff

Daniel Ladinsky’s story about Eruch and “Begin the Beguine”

Spanish “Beguine,” by Kendra Crossen


  • Chick Henderson
  • Hutch Hutchinson
  • Tuck Andress
  • Peter Townshend
  • Jo Stafford


  • Divine Maggees


“Begin the Beguine” renditions

 Chick Henderson


Leslie ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson




Tuck Andress




Pete Townshend




Jo Stafford




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Divine Maggees – begin the beguine










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