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Finding God in North Carolina


Compiled and Edited by Randy Wasserstrom & Zuzanna Vee

(Available from Sheriar Books Online)


Finding God in North Carolina is a compiliation of “coming to Baba” stories of people who live or lived in North Carolina. These stories are accompanied by original and never-before published maps and photographs of Meher Baba’s time in North Carolina.

Baba stated that a spiritual rebirth would begin in America and indeed the first Baba group of the “next generation” began in Chapel Hill in 1967. Finding God in North Carolina is also a chronicle of the beginnings of that group and other Baba groups in North Carolina – faciliatating the spread of Divine love throughout the state.

Finding God in North Carolina is a treasure trove of historical information and documentation including letters from Adi K. Irani, Meher Baba’s secretary for years, telegrams from Baba and a 1967 Winston-Salem Journal article devoted entirely to the Highest of the High.



Part 1 – pp 1-24 Part 2 – pp 24-35
Part 3 – pp 35-61 Part 4 – pp 61-75
Part 5 – pp 75-88 Part 6 – pp 88-104
Part 7 – pp 104-113 Part 8 – pp 113-129
Part 9 – pp 129-144 Part 10 – pp 144-149
Part 11 – pp 149-167 Part 12 – pp 169-180
Part 13 – pp 180-190 Part 14 – pp 190-207
Part 15 – pp 207-216 Part 16 – pp 217-231
Part 17 – pp 233-246 Part 18 – pp 246-260
Part 19 – pp 260-269 Part 20 – pp 271-291
Part 21 – pp 291-301 Part 22 – pp 301-306


 Images from the book


Replica of the Nash Statesman in which Meher Baba rode through the North Carolina mountains in May 1952.



Map of Meher Baba's route through the North Carolina mountains in 1952.



Map of Duke Hospital in Durham, NC - where Meher Baba stayed in June 1952.



Letter from Adi K. Irani to Sharon Harmon in 1967. Sharon was the secretary of the Chapel Hill, NC Baba group.







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