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A Vision


Back in the mid ’80s, I was working on the Center and walking past Baba’s House and I had an experience. As I was walking, the next thing I knew God had taken me up and into the realm of the sweetness of God’s love. As I was there with Baba, with God, I saw the Earth. I knew it was the Earth. I was not in shock or anything. As the experience went on, God was bringing me closer and closer to Earth, then he brought me right to where I could see the coastline, see Baba’s Center at the beach. Then up and down through North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach I saw these huge buildings, real high buildings. I thought at the time, my goodness, it’s going to look like that someday. God was showing me up and down the coast just as clear as what I see today.

When I drive up and down, I look at these tall buildings, and so many times I say to my husband, there’s those tall buildings. I didn’t think I’d live to see it, but there they are — real tall buildings. Before, it was just little cabins here and there on the coast, it wasn’t much. Now here are these tall buildings, so close, there’s no space in between them hardly, and all of the land taken now by these high-rises, Now Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach are known all over the country as a place to come for vacation. Many people go past Baba’s Home in the West and they might not know it, but oh what a blessing, even if they just drive past it. What a beautiful, beautiful gift Baba gives so many hundreds, and hundreds of people going past. Of course, a lot of people now are coming into the Center. It was so wonderful for me to always see the tall buildings.

Then God took me back from the Earth and we went way, way out into space, so to speak. Then Baba, God, brought me back down to Earth. When I came back down to Earth, this time it seemed like a long, long time had passed. I was with Baba out there in space. I looked and the whole Earth was nothing but ashes, there was not a growing thing on Earth. Nothing green, it was dead, the Earth had nothing, nothing on it, nothing green. As Baba took me down closer, and closer, and closer to the Earth, I was just awed by everything dead.

Then I saw a great, big, huge dome. It was the size of what might be a nice small city, and as we got closer and closer I saw that this dome was alive. I noticed that it wasn’t just material or whatever something huge like that would be made out of. This was something that was growing, it was alive, and it could grow there. If anybody walked out from the dome, there was no air to breathe, no oxygen. So then Baba took me inside, and as I looked at the people, they were all very busy, very happy. Oh, it was just, it was like paradise. Everything was lush and green with flowers and trees, the tomatoes and apples all kinds of different fruit trees, like pear trees, but all of the fruit was huge, absolutely huge. There was a lady on her knees and she was working in the garden. She picked up a carrot that was so big I could hardly believe it. It looked like paradise and it felt like paradise because everybody was working together, talking, children were happy, everybody doing their work, no cars, kind of like going back to the days of the first pilgrims, where they worked hard on the land, in growing and having things to eat, and living in this dome and having what you call a regular human lifestyle, but their hearts were different. They were good-natured people, the children were playing little games and didn’t have what you call real toys, and everybody had so little. However, everyone had so much love in them that they were responding with each other with love, and it was, if you want to say heaven, or a real paradise that wasn’t going to be lost again. The people had such love in their hearts, and the generations of children, it was a new start. Absolute new start for the Earth.

Then I was taken out again, way out in space, and I tried so hard to remember what it looked like. I had no references to say at the time I knew exactly what I was looking at. I knew exactly what I was seeing, I knew exactly what the people were doing, but I can’t say anything looked like Earth. I tried so hard to remember, but as I was coming into consciousness, I didn’t remember what I was seeing. It could have been a spaceship, it could have been something I know nothing about, it seemed large, I didn’t see any Earth. I can’t say what I saw, but it was hundreds of years later. I didn’t realize I was actually walking until I got to the Guest House [the ladies’ quarters where Mehera and the other women Mandali stayed when Baba came in 1952] and came into what I call “this time and space.”

Then I was right in front of the Guest House and became conscious of where I was walking and that I was here on Earth. So I don’t know what that was about. So far Baba hasn’t told me, but it was quite an experience, quite an experience.

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