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As Far as Paris


I’d like to say something, in the way you’ll hear it, it won’t sound like, gee, that’s too bad, but I’ll tell the story here:

We were going to go to India in 2004 together — Donna Stewart, Jeff and I — going through Paris, and have a nice two or three weeks with Baba in India. So, we get all ready for the trip and everything is looking good; we’re flying over the ocean, a very long trip, relaxing and seeing some movies, and having a good time together. We get to Paris and we find out unexpectedly that we were bumped off the flight to India. At that time, what happened? It was right before the tsunami that hit Sri Lanka and Southern India. The plane was packed with Indian people who wanted to go to India, wanted to get home. It was just absolutely packed, the stewardess had said she had never seen so many Indians on a flight before, and they were letting the Indians that wanted to go home take the flight first. They even had to call in extra planes, as we understood, to get all of the hundreds of people that wanted to go home — not knowing that the disaster was going to come. So I know that when we were standing there being told we can’t board the plane, we were looking at some of the faces that were not going to make it through that terrible disaster. I can remember standing there looking at these people, they were looking at us — you’re going to get on and we are not going to be able to go home? — I could see it in their faces. None of us knew that so many of them were going to die. So we thought, okay, Baba, this is the way you wanted it, it’s all right, we’ll just see what we can do. So Jeff and Donna went over to see about getting our baggage and arranging different flights. Which meant, as it turned out, nothing was available and we were not going to get out of there to go to India.

The Paris airport is huge, just massive, and I was sitting way over to one side, and I could see Donna and Jeff talking with the ticket agent, not that I could hear what they were saying, because the building was extremely long and extremely wide. A lot of planes had already taken off, and there were very few people right in this huge area that we were in. While I was sitting there, I looked to my left and there was a door that opened onto the outside of the building, and this man walked in and he kind of looked to his left. I was sitting to his right, and he looked to his right and all I can tell you is what I was seeing and feeling was so beautiful. In a flash of that black man’s eyes, as he had his face turned towards me, he looked deep into my eyes and I looked deep into his, and just like that, the most beautiful and wonderful feeling came to me. “My goodness, I’ve already been to Meherabad and Meherazad, I’ve already been many times to Baba’s Tomb, oh I have it all, I got everything.” All of a sudden I came out of this knowing — this feeling — totally and completely happy, almost hysterically happy! “Oh, how wonderful, I’m just sitting here and I’ve already gone to India!” I look across and I see Donna and Jeff, and all of a sudden they burst out laughing, they were laughing so hard, and they giggled and giggled, and laughed and laughed and laughed, and I started to smile. I thought, my gosh, could they be having the same feeling I’m having, that we’ve already gone to India? We got everything we need — go home, you guys. I turned back to look at the man, ’cause the last time I looked at him, he had turned from me and looked over at Jeff and Donna, and he was just standing still and he was just looking.

Now, this is a great big building and no one was in the way. I looked at Jeff and Donna giggling-their-heads-off at the ticket counter, I turned back to look at the man, and he was gone. He couldn’t have walked out the door or I would have seen him. I wanted to see him again, and I turned and he wasn’t there. I looked way down and nobody was in the way, and looked way down the other side of me, well, maybe he paused somewhere, and I looked and kept looking, he was a very tall man. I couldn’t see him, he was nowhere, he just vanished. I looked outside, I looked up and down the street, no, no man, nowhere. And in that short time, just walking his walk I would have seen him. He vanished, as far as I was concerned.

It was such a beautiful and wonderful experience, and we were all in such a frame of mind of just being so lighthearted and happy about everything, and we felt we were ready to go home, because we had already received everything from Baba that we needed, and our cups were running over, actually. Good thing we had some saucers there, ’cause we were just in total bliss, really in bliss. So we stayed that evening in Paris, had a nice, wonderful meal, with all of us being in that frame of mind — of being so joyful and happy, over having so much, we couldn’t even understand how it was that we were so extremely happy in having so much of Baba’s love. We didn’t miss a thing, we all said as we were eating, we didn’t miss one thing, not one thing. Baba just filled us full of His love. The people kind of looked at us, watching us being really joyful, and it was just like we were passing a lot of this to others, cause we were so full ourselves of Baba’s love. It seemed like people could feel it. They were in so much joy by the time we were leaving the restaurant, it seemed like that whole restaurant was full of Baba’s love.

Wherever we would go, we would just have that beautiful feeling, and it was the most wonderful gift that Baba ever gave us. On the plane back we said, we have as much as if we went there and stayed two or three weeks. We got even more, we felt like we even had more, a lot more. To this day, all we can say is Baba sure did give us, after such a long trip, a beautiful gift. A gift of His love, so we are all very happy, and every time we think of it and every time we remember it, we can feel that utter happiness, that absolutely beautiful gift of God’s love, Baba’s love. I can remember looking at some of Baba’s pictures when He is laughing real hard, and I always have to grin when I see that. We were more than grinning, we were laughing our heads off.

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