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A Happy Family

A Happy Family


Then another story about another couple who brought their children, and the kids just couldn’t wait to take a ride all over the Center in the back of my car, a station wagon, so it was kind of a treat for them to get in the station wagon. So I gave them a tour by taking them to the Barn, and then to the ocean, then back around and came on the other side of the lake and drove all around and went to the Library. Oh, they just so thoroughly enjoyed it, and the couple just enjoyed watching their children enjoy. They were such a wonderful little family. I remember them saying, “Oh, we didn’t know the afternoon could be so wonderful in bringing the kids and all like that, we didn’t know how it would all turn out.” They were so happy because they loved the playground where the children were, and they said, “Oh, the Baba Center just offers everything.” Then I showed them where they could get in the boat, so they said that the next time they have a vacation, the family was going to come here and take in this beautiful, beautiful place of Meher Baba’s which meant so much to that family and the happiness they shared together, and the afternoon of the sweetness of seeing those kids’ faces and the happy little squeals they’d make when they were playing at the playground. I could see the mother and father just enjoying watching their children enjoy. It was the cutest thing to witness, the closeness of that particular family.

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