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Meeting My Husband


I have to say my husband and I are 21 years apart, I’m older by 21 years. I had a very hard first marriage, and I knew that I would have to leave that marriage sometime, but I wanted to be able to leave when the time would be right according to how God would see it. So I was praying one day and asking to be able to meet this man, and I said to God, “You know, there’s got to be one person, one guy on this Earth, even across the seas, that would be just right for me, and I know that You know who he is, and would You bring him to me?” As I always say, I hear Baba’s voice, and he says, “Stay where you are. Do not leave. He will come to your door.” And he did.

The way it happened was, back in 1974 I was into Transcendental Meditation (TM) and meditating with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I had a nice, big home, and people would come to my home to be initiated. I would take them out of their first initiation after the teacher would initiate them and they would use their mantra, a meaningless word, and then I would be a “checker” for their meditations [to see that they were doing it properly]. The teacher we had was going to leave and take another position in another city, and Jeff was the one who was given the job to come to my town and be our new teacher. We had one man teacher and four women teachers. Back in those days, Maharishi had a lot of people knowing about TM and starting to be initiated into TM. So this was something I was very involved in, never missed a meditation in seven years, and just loved it until the time when my path took me to Meher Baba.

The TM group had a potluck at the home of the teacher that was going to leave and we were all to meet our new teacher that same evening. I was sitting on the couch, and we were all waiting for him to arrive, and he walks in — tall and very thin, with sandy-colored, curly hair. I looked at him, oh my heavens, here he is, the man I‘ve been waiting for. It was Jeff. He’s come to town, oh my goodness. I was so surprised, thank goodness I was sitting down. I don’t think I could have remained standing had I been standing. He looked at me, and he and I looked at each other — he pulled up a little rocker chair, next to the couch I was sitting on, and neither one of us got up and left each other the entire evening, but we never said anything to each other, except that it was nice being able to meet our new teacher and like that, and we had a very nice evening.

Since I had all the papers and everything at my house, the teachers would come and have meetings or initiate or whatever. Well, Jeff was also coming to my home. I wasn’t a teacher, but I would talk about families, and the ages that children could start to meditate, and things like that. So I would give my talk, and the teachers would give their talk as far as people meditating. Back in those days, there were a lot of people that wanted to meditate. So it was quite an ongoing thing. Jeff would come back and forth and in and out of the house. It was cold, and he wore a jacket that was a bomber jacket with a bomber cap that came around his head. He came in one day, and instead of going to the basement, where we had a room with all the TM papers and things that they all needed, he stopped and sat down at the kitchen table. I was making some cookies, so I was doing my thing in the kitchen and we were talking. It gave me the funniest feeling when I saw him in that World War Two bomber jacket and hat. They still have those jackets and hats that the pilots wore in World War Two.

All of a sudden it took me back. I remembered back in 1944, I was a young girl and we lived where there was a big stadium several blocks from our house, where there would be tents on this footfall field for the boys who were being shipped overseas, and they would be shipped out from there. While they were in town, some of the boys would want to come down to where we had a college and an ice cream parlor, get some ice cream, and just walk around and see a little bit of the town. These boys would walk past our home. Of course, I was young and not dating, I was fourteen at the time. These young fellows would stop and talk to us kids. Sometimes we would go in the house and get them a piece of my mother’s apple pie, and the boys thought that was so wonderful. We had our bicycles, and sometimes we would tell them, you want to take the bicycles and pump us to your place, then you don’t have to walk, but you will have to take us on the bicycles. Some of them were up for that; very nice, well-mannered boys, and all going overseas — don’t know if some of them made it or not. I remembered seeing this kid in this outfit, and I thought, oh for heaven’s sake. This one said to me, “We’re being shipped out tomorrow. I just want you to know, being young like you are, that you have helped me; because now I can go overseas to do what I must do so we can save our country, and I have a purpose now.” So he was leaving our country and going there to save our country. I remember looking at the young fellow, and I could tell he really meant it from his heart. I thought, well maybe he doesn’t have close family or anything like that, but it was so sweet the way he said, “Now I have a reason for going.” So he was going to war.

Looking at Jeff sitting there at my kitchen table years later, I thought, oh for heaven’s sake, that couldn’t be that young fellow . . . ? Maybe he did get killed in the war and now he’s back. Of course, Jeff being 21 years younger than me, that could very well be. I never, of course, said anything to him at the time; maybe we talked about it after we were married or sometime, but not right away. In my heart, yes, I feel like I met my husband and had to wait for him to go to war, get a new body, come back, wait for him to grow up, then knock on my door, and that’s what he did. He knocked on my door, and then we met. At first we knew we had a lot in common, but after a while we kind of knew there was more to our friendship than just friendship. It was so wonderful because we both had TM in common, and then Jeff heard about Meher Baba through TM. Maharishi was asked if he knew about Meher Baba and he said, “Yes, he is God.” However, he wouldn’t say anything more about that, and Maharishi said that at one of the big meetings they had in front of many people. I had heard about Meher Baba from a TM’er friend of mine. We first had in common TM, but we were both looking for God all our lives. So after Jeff and I married, that’s how we came to talk about Baba, and about the Center being in Myrtle Beach.

On our honeymoon, Jeff had given me a nice little pretty necklace, and I was standing in front of the mirror while he put the necklace around my neck, and then I turned to hug him and thank him. As I put my arms around his waist, he slumped his head over my shoulder and I was holding him up. Neither one of us said anything; then he kind of lifted his head up and we backed away from each other, and both of us went over and sat down on the bed. We both said, “Wow, what an experience.” And I said, “Yeah, that was something,” and we both said to each other, “Oh, for heaven’s sakes, I can’t believe what happened.” It was just the most wonderful thing to know that we had been together in other lifetimes. This one lifetime came real clear to both of us. We were running away. Our families were feuding, it looked like the Ozarks or someplace like that, and we wanted to marry and they wouldn’t let us. So we were running away to get married, and we thought we were safe, so we sat down by a tree, and the next thing I knew my father and brothers came and they shot my husband-to-be. We were both the same age, maybe I was a year younger or so, but because the families didn’t like each other, they killed him. They were dragging me away, and I kept turning around trying to see, was he dead, did they kill him? And he didn’t move, I could tell he was dead. So they took me back home, and I wouldn’t eat, and I died. I couldn’t live without him. Jeff and I had the same remembrance; we were telling it to each other. I told him, “I couldn’t live without you, I didn’t eat, and my folks couldn’t make me eat and I died; and now here we are together on our honeymoon,” and nobody could stop us being together this time. Regardless if they didn’t like our age difference, or what it would take, Baba said we could be together. And now we’ve been together, in June (2010) it will be 33 years. Beautiful, sweet, wonderful marriage, and it was definitely made in heaven and stays in such a sweet way that we both thank Baba for letting us have each other, against all odds, and that He gives us so much love for each other, to give to each other.

I do try to help people when marriages are kind of rocky; all they have to do is call me and I’ll help them. But this is a gift that Baba gave me for some of my work to do for Him. So it’s all through Baba. Baba got us together, Baba keeps people together, or it’s time for them to part, but it’s Baba knowing what is best, and I don’t know anything. I just take care of the people the way Baba lets me know, and that’s my work and I’ll do that until I close my eyes. And this next time, I won’t hear Baba say, “You must go back, your work isn’t finished, you must go back.” No, this time I’m going to hear, Welcome Home. Ah yes, Welcome Home. Jai Baba.

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