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Welcome to Mischievous Peeps

‘Mischievous Peeps‘ started as a simple way for Kendra Crossen and me (Cheryl ‘Commissioner’ Johnson) to collectively refer to ourselves on our various web endeavors. The ‘mischievous peeps’ is a reference to the Mischievous Chicken story in Bhau Kalchuri’s book, The Nothing and the Everything. We are the mischievous chicklets of the MC who is Meher Baba, or the Avatar. I certainly see us as ‘mischievous’ at times, and the ‘peeps’ came about from that Easter candy thing that just lasts forever.

As time has progressed, we’ve created more websites and I felt the need to get a centralized domain name and, on a whim, registered the name, mischievouspees.com. Then, what to do with the domain? Every domain needs a website and websites are some of the things I do, so voilá! here is the website! 

And the idea has grown into a community site where Baba folks can share whatever they have to share. 

Care to share?