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Mischievous Peeps‘ started as a simple way for Kendra Crossen Burroughs and me (Cheryl Aoife Johnson) to collectively refer to ourselves on our various web endeavors. The ‘mischievous peeps’ is a reference to the Mischievous Chicken story in Bhau Kalchuri’s book, The Nothing and the Everything. We are the mischievous chicklets of the Mischievous Chicken who is Meher Baba, or the Avatar. We certainly see ourselves as ‘mischievous’ at times, and the ‘peeps’ came about from that Easter candy thing that just lasts forever.

As time has progressed, we’ve created more and more websites and felt the need to get a centralized domain name and on a whim, registered the name, Then, what to do with the domain? Every domain needs a website and this is one of the things we do, so voilá! here is the website! And the idea grew into its being a community site where Baba folks can share whatever they have to share. Melinda Abeles from Mariposa joined in the effort with some of her artwork, including the drawing you see in our header.

Our very first sharing came from Donna Stewart. ‘Living with Meher Baba‘ by Arlene Stearns, who passed away on August 4, 2011, was lovingly prepared by Donna for publication after Arlene’s death according to her wish. It is an honor to be able to post this here for all to read.

Since then, we have posted a variety of goodies; here is a sampling:

Under Books

  • the audio book of Randy Wasserstrom’s Finding God in North Carolina
  • Don’t forget to read Arlene’s book!

Under Stories

  • “Coming Home,” an illustrated story by Melinda Abeles
  •  Fiction by Marc Librescu, inspired by his “Baba link”
  • “The Lost Suitcase of Malcom Schloss” by Clive Adams

Under Media

Lyrics and recordings of top Baba songs like

  • the Gujarati Arti
  • the Spanish Arti
  • Begin the Beguine (and read the articles: two interpretations of the song, and a piece about the Spanish version of the song)
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy
  • Swanee

Under Controversy Corner

  • Several articles ranging from reincarnation, the occult, and the visions of Filis Frederick, to dueling Discourse editions and assorted lore of the Meher Baba world, and even Baba’s FBI report.

The menu is at the left as well as along the top. Click on the headers to see the contents.

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Cheryl & Kendra





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