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Controversy Corner

Controversy Corner

Think of things you would not hesitate to think in My presence.
Speak words that you would not hesitate to speak in My presence.
Act and do things that you would not hesitate to act and do in My presence.


Welcome to Controversy Corner! There are lots of controversies in the mystical, paradoxical world of Meher Baba. Baba-lovers can find plenty to disagree about! Controversies in relation to Meher Baba range from the amusing to the theoretical to the practical to the most highly charged issues. Should Baba-lovers be vegetarians? Was Abraham an Avatar? Who qualifies as “Mandali”? Are some of Baba’s words more “special” than others? What did Baba say about same-sex love? Is repetition of Baba’s prayers at meetings just another form of rites and rituals, which he said he had come to destroy? Is it okay to explore one’s past lives? talk about politics? meet a living spiritual leader? consult a psychic or an astrologer? communicate with the dead? eat eggplant?

Here we will have a platform to present controversial issues or even just mysteries and ambiguities that Baba-lovers seek to understand better—sincerely and from the heart. This is a web site for Baba-lovers, and while we may publish expressions of doubt and critique, this is not the place for attacks, anger, or hatred.


Everyone is free to interpret My words in any way he thinks and feels.
(“Meher Baba’s Final Declaration, Clarification, Confirmation…”)

Even if your faith is wrong, I wish you to say what you feel about Me. Remain steadfast in your faith. Hold on fast to your sincere and honest convictions. Whatever you feel in your heart, openly declare it. Do not pose. That is the most important point.
(Lord Meher 13: 4771)

If you are convinced that Baba is the Avatar, say so. … If you feel that Baba
is not the Avatar, say so. Remember to be honest in your heart,
and whatever you do, do it with all your heart.
My blessings.
(Meher Baba, quoted in Bal Natu, Glimpses of the God-Man, Meher Baba, vol. 6, p. 157)



















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