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The Ocean of Love

The Ocean of Love


Another story I want to tell is about a couple who came for the last time, they told me, for a vacation together. They had come to this area and they heard about the Center, so they wanted a tour and so I met them. I was on my way to take them to the Barn and I always would ask Baba, “Baba, where do you want this particular person (or group or whoever I was taking around), where do you want me to go with them first?” This time it came to me to go to the ocean, and so I drove all the way over to the ocean, and we were talking, and they were telling me how they were going to get a divorce, but they were going to have this vacation first. Right after this vacation they were going to get their divorce proceedings going.


When we reached the ocean, we got out of the car in the parking lot and walked over to the shore. Neither of them would speak, or if they did, they would contradict each other. You could just tell there was a lot of stress and a lot of unhealthy feelings between them. They were trying to stay as nice as what they could, but the stress was there and it would just ooze out from time to time, it just was happening. So I said to myself, “Oh boy, this could be quite an afternoon. Baba, please help us all here; this might get most difficult.”


So I told them, “Baba always said He is the Ocean of Love.” We were standing there looking out over that very vast ocean. They stood there and they looked and they both kind of looked at each other. I said, “If you like, take your shoes off and walk in the ocean. Baba when He was here had put His feet in the ocean just here.” They both stood apart from each other, and then they just looked out over the ocean — they weren’t standing close together or anything — and they were both very silent. I also stayed silent at the time and left them be in that silence looking out over the ocean, saying, “God’s ocean is right here . . . you sure can feel the vastness of the ocean. You don’t look out there and see any land or anything.” They both just stood there and they just gazed out into the ocean, looking, not saying anything. And I said, “The ocean is very powerful, isn’t it?” and they agreed.


Again we just stood there silently for a few more minutes, the three of us, and then I saw them both kind of like turn and give each other a look, and then they took their shoes off, and then they walked together, they walked into the water, and then I just kind of backed up all the way to where they knew I was still there, but I was back farther, saying a little prayer to Baba, not knowing how this was all going to go. They stood there and all of a sudden, I saw them as I turned a little bit, both of them together reach out to each other, and it was so beautiful. Each of them did it at the same time, not one before the other one, each of them did it at the same time, they reached out to each other. Then I saw them embrace and they kissed each other. Oh, my God, Baba, and they just stood there and they turned and looked out over the ocean again with their arms around each other, and for a little time they just stood there.


When they turned and came towards me, I could see tears of happiness in their eyes, so beautiful. They picked up their shoes and walked together again, not letting go of each other’s hand, they just held on to each other like that, and both of them smiled the most beautiful smile. Something at that moment had lifted. We got to the car and each of them said, “It was such a beautiful experience we just had there. It was so precious. We don’t know what this is, it feels so good in our hearts.” Each of them had their own way of expressing that feeling, and they were like saying it to me, but they were looking at each other and talking to the other one.


We got in the car and started to drive away down the road, and they were just lost in each other’s arms and feeling the love for each other. It was so beautiful, I just stayed silent and drove on back to the center of the Center, then gave them a tour and took them into Lagoon Cabin. The love they were experiencing with each other; there was no feeling being expressed at all of what took place when they were first with me that afternoon. The whole afternoon just was totally different for them and for me, and the tour was beautiful. We went all over, they took in everything and kept feeling very close with each other, and they’d say something and they laugh and they’d look at each other, and they were just like young lovers again. It was the most beautiful thing to see and experience, it was so sweet.


I never heard from them again after they left, so I don’t know what happened, only Baba knows. That was another beautiful story that I so well remember.

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