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An Auto Accident

An Auto Accident

On Friday and Saturday nights Jeff and I would go to the Meeting Place. Jeff was working very late hours during those years, getting our business off to a good start, so he’d come into the meeting just about when it was going to start. On this particular day, I was working sssson the Center, Kitty Davy had asked me to not go home but stay on the Center, bring my evening meal, and eat in the Refectory, and then go to the Meeting Place and be there when Jeff came. She insisted, “Now, be sure and do this.” She called and made sure I had my meal with me. She said, “I don’t want you to go to the meeting without eating.” So I replied, “No, I’ve got my meal and I’ll stay here on the Center and wait for Jeff. I’ll be in the Meeting Place waiting for my husband to come.”

So I finished my meal, and it was getting time to go to the Meeting Place and take the seat that I always would take, and sit there and wait for Jeff to come. All of a sudden I looked at the clock and thought, “What? Something’s wrong, what happened?” I had a terrible feeling, like something terrible happened. I thought, What? What? I just waited, and the people were coming in and filling up the Meeting Place, and finally this young fellow came in and looked around and saw me and came over and said, “Now, everything’s all right, Jeff’s all right, but he’s had an accident right in front of the Center.” Then I knew. . . .

Jeff didn’t see him coming as he, Jeff, made the left turn into the Center, like he did every Friday and Saturday night. The man was driving so fast he just plowed into Jeff’s passenger side, and hit so hard there was nothing left of the front of that man’s car. It pushed Jeff’s car off the road and up to where the woods start. When I arrived, Jeff was half in and half out of the car, totally and completely dazed, with only a cut on his forehead. I all of a sudden I said, “Oh, Kitty, you saved my life. You saved my life, there was no way I could have lived.” Jeff would have been killed if his car had turned over, and the only reason it didn’t turn over and pin him to the ground is because the roof of the station wagon was packed full of heavy barrels of tar. He had converted a station wagon over to be used as a work vehicle, and it was loaded down that particular day with everything that was very heavy. In the other car the woman had a broken collar bone, and the man that was driving so extremely fast said they were trying to get to a restaurant: “We were hungry.”

Baba says, “Everything that happens has to happen and it’s no one’s fault.” Those are Baba’s words, so whatever we have to experience we experience. Due to Kitty knowing of the accident ahead of time, and by the grace of Baba, God, nothing more happened. Otherwise we would have been gone, just gone. Jeff was fine, he didn’t even have to go to the emergency room, so we went on to the Center. Of course, we found out about the girl and called and hoped that everything went all right. You can see when things have to happen to us, they can’t be called off. There had to be an accident, it had to be with these particular people, though we’ve never seen them since. Now, the Son of God the Father is the only one that can change something that God has already said must happen. But the Son of God changed it so that it wasn’t for us to die, that much I know Baba did for us, He changed the outcome of what had to be.

I have no idea what kind of lives we had with that couple, but you must have had a past life together when you meet somebody. Eruch said this: “Everyone we meet, if you just pass as you’re getting groceries in a store, you have been with that person before. You pass a person on the road, you have been with that person before. You have seen them, maybe just one time in the many, many, many, many lifetimes we’ve had, and things have to be worked out.” I never ask Baba who were those people, what did we do to them in another lifetime, all that kind of stuff. Never, never, never ask a question like that. You really don’t want to know. Let it be that Baba knows and Baba takes care of it, but never ask too many questions of yourself, because Baba then may have to give you the answer if you demand it, and I have had people demand answers and then they are left with the thoughts. So just say, “Oh, thank you, dear Baba, for taking care of things the way You did.” Even if it doesn’t turn out very well, everything that happens has to happen, and it’s no one’s fault, that’s the compassion of Baba. So I made it through, by sweet little Kitty letting me know what I had to do that evening. Coming upon that car accident was just horrible to see, but it couldn’t be changed, so it must be that we work through it, and we did, and we made it through.

Many a time I think of this, especially when I see another car accident. I always say a prayer for the people, for their highest good: Oh, Baba, Baba, let them be able to get through it. Baba, You know them better than I do. That’s the way I say my prayer when I see an accident. So it isn’t easy for us to live and see things and go through things, but we have to remember it is for our highest good.

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