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Jane Haynes


Anyone that came in the ’80s was taken to meet Kitty or Jane, and they got to sit with them for a while. The women were so generous with their time. I remember how they met the people, the beautiful things that were said, how people would have tears in their eyes when they left and said, “Oh, my goodness,” whether they had seen Kitty or Jane, they were so touched. It was so wonderful to see the beautiful way the women would handle questions, and in that way I was being taught, not that I knew I was being taught something for a purpose in my own life, but it was in my own life that I learned. And then when Kitty and Jane and Elizabeth all passed away, there were may things I remember that they had said, and when I’d give tours I’d tell those things to the people. I always said, this is what Kitty said, this is what Jane said, this is the way she’d say it, Elizabeth would say something this way. It was so wonderful to be able to feel that closeness with them, and I was so honored to be able to sit and listen, because Jane and Kitty both would have me stay with the people as they talked with them, given I was ready go into another room, but no, they didn’t have that. They had me stay right there and listen to the talk, and sometimes the people would ask very intimate questions, but I was never asked to leave the room. That way I learned a lot of things about how to help people, right from the lap of Elizabeth, Kitty, and Jane.

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