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Fear is Lifted

Fear Is Lifted


There was a person that got real scared while I was giving them a tour. He really didn’t want me to finish the tour, and he couldn’t understand why in the world he suddenly had that feeling of being scared. So as we were going on our tour, we saw a mother deer and her little one, and so we stopped to enjoy the mother deer and her young one, and it seemed to lift whatever it was that person was feeling, such fear that all of a sudden he thought at one point he might even have to stop from going further with the tour. I could tell in his eyes that it wasn’t just a little bit of fear, it was a lot of fear, but it seemed like stopping and watching the mother deer with her young one, and feeling that quietness and the silence of the woods, and just sitting there for a little while, not talking or saying anything, but just watching nature seemed to lift that very strong feeling and that hold of fear that this person was experiencing. He said to me, “Oh, listen to the sound of the birds. The forest is so beautiful.” I could tell that he started to very much relax.


I took the tour to where we went more to the woods, and I could tell as I drove around real slow that he was starting to relax so very much that he said, “I’ve lived with fear all my life, terrible, terrible fear all my life, and when I got here the fear suddenly seemed to get so much worse, I didn’t know what was going to happen. But now it seems like that fear has just lifted from me and I’m really going to enjoy the rest of the tour.” We went all over, we went all the way to the ocean, and to the Barn and all through the Center, and he was just so happy. We got to the end of the tour and he said, “Oh, I’m so sorry that it’s over,” and I said, “Oh, it never has to be over. You know you can come back again, and again, and again.” He said, “Oh yes, I can come back again and again. I will do that.” And he hugged me and his eyes were just all shining and bright, his smile was so beautiful, and he had a very serene look on his face, totally different than the man I had met just an hour or so before, absolute total love and bliss, I could tell that he was experiencing. It was so beautiful to say goodbye to him knowing that so much had been lifted for him that he could experience and relate to me.

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