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Kitty Davy


When we saw Kitty Davy, after we moved here in 1983, we just kept always to Kitty — Jeff and I — always asking her about this and that, all different kinds of things in our lives, and I remember she would guide us, always help us, always in a few words, she was of few words, and she would make everything perfectly clear to us. Then we’d say goodbye and return again maybe in another week, and we were always talking with Kitty on the phone and were, very, very close to Kitty. Jeff was taken by Kitty, and thought the world of her.

We were sitting one time with Kitty and she was saying something about how they for so many years have been following Baba, and here we come and we’re following Baba so many years after they followed Baba; and Kitty turned and looked at me and she had the cutest little smile on her face, and I was sitting there thinking, “Oh, yes, in the Bible the first that came worked all day long, and made the same amount of money as the people who came and worked for just one hour, and they got the same as the people that worked all day long.” I looked at Kitty as I thought that, and thought, “Oh my God, Kitty, you’ve been with Baba and working all these years, and here we just come and you are telling us we are where you are? You’re telling us that we have the same thing, coming at the last hour, as what you got. It just came right into my mind about when I was young I read that and said, “Jesus, how can this be, that people that come last get as much as those that came first and put all that time in, and everybody gets the same?” Here I am sitting thinking this, and I look at Kitty and she’s just got this cute smile on her face and she just nodded her head yes, just a slight little nod. I knew she could read my mind, because we talked with her so many times. She would always bring something up that I wanted to bring up and had forgotten about it.

I said, “We just came. You’re with Baba so long, and we just came.” She said, “Yes, and you receive the same.” I just sat there, but she had this pretty, sweet little smile — so happy for us that we were having the same as she had gotten all that time, and I thought, well, there is one of those questions as a child I was asking God to know, and now here I find out in my own life from one of Baba’s own disciples. Kitty always made things perfectly clear, and there was no second-guessing Kitty on anything; she made it perfectly, perfectly clear what and how it went. I’ll never forget that.

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