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The Glistening Leaves

The Glistening Leaves


I have so many more beautiful stories to tell, and they are so sweet. There was a young man with his friends who had come for a Center visit. The young man had brought two of his buddies with him, and he was very interested in the Center, but the other two didn’t seem quite so interested, and one definitely not at all. So I took them in the car and went over to the Barn, and that gave me an opportunity to tell some beautiful stories as we were driving about how Elizabeth Patterson and Princess Norina Matchabelli got the Center all started. I said to them, we’ll get out here and I’ll take you in the Barn. I told them how Baba would greet each person as they’d come through the door. Of course, I had to ask them to take their shoes off, and each did it, except the one boy didn’t look like he was at all interested in any of this, but he did remove his shoes. I could tell the young fellow that wanted the tour and was most interested and was getting a little upset over the way the one friend was acting, but then we all walked together into the Barn. I tell them about Baba’s chair and where Baba always sat, in that big yellow chair, and how the other chairs were made for Baba after he had His accident and how He was hurt, and told them stories of Baba. Told them about Baba’s love and how He would do so much for the people in India, and the Indian children, how He started a school, took care of the poor. I just kind of in general gave them a little bit of an outline of Baba’s work in India and how he came to America to Myrtle Beach in 1952, 1956, and 1958, and told a general talk like that.


I could tell as he was walking around that the one boy wasn’t really listening to much of what I was telling the other boys. But as he was just walking around, I started to see a difference in him. He went to the other end of the Barn and looked out the door, and was very quiet, but I could tell as I was talking to the other ones that something was taking place. He turned around and he walked back and stood for a few moments, looked at Baba’s picture there above the fireplace mantle, and then we all walked out together. As we walked out onto the porch, he stood there and he looked out at the trees. He said, “Every one of the leaves seem like they’re just glistening. There’s light everywhere; it looks like all of the leaves have been waxed. They’re so bright and shiny. Oh, this is such a beautiful, beautiful place.” Then he turned and looked at me, and he said, “Oh my goodness, I’ve missed almost everything you’ve said. Can you take me in there again, and will you tell me all what you said? I don’t want to miss anything, not anything.” And, the boy that had brought these two fellows, I could tell he was just totally delighted. He was so happy to think how things had turned around, and then we left and the whole tour was just beautiful. I mean he just oohed and aahed over everything. He was almost dancing, he was so happy, and we went all over the Center, and we all enjoyed everything about the tour, but this one especially, was just absolutely so happy. There was something different in his personality that the other boys, I could tell, had never seen before, and they were quite amazed because they would both look at each other when he wasn’t looking and kind of shake their heads as if to say, well, we just don’t believe this. It was so cute to watch ’em all. So that tour was so much fun, I’ll never forget it, just so much fun.

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