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Becoming a Big City


Almost every year since we moved here in 1983 there has been some kind of hurricane. In 1989 the hurricane called Hugo struck Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and the Center head on. I’ll never forget going to the Center after such devastation. The ocean water got into Long Lake and the fish were floating belly up on the water. The freshwater lake was full of ocean saltwater due to the strength of Hugo; the alligators had a feast and then famine.

My husband and I are property managers up and down North Myrtle Beach, and a lot of the properties we were taking care of were right by the ocean. We had stayed in town to be right by the properties that we were taking care of. Some police were out, so we went outside. I rolled my slacks up above my knees, and I was walking in knee-deep water that was flowing on Ocean Drive. We had to make our way through trees and everything else that had come down, and we made our way to some of the buildings that we looked after. This one great big, it was like a very large pool, was pulled right up out of the ground, and it was standing sideways, totally out of the ground, leaning on a condo building. Back in those days the air conditioners were on the side of the building, and all of them were way up on Highway 17 — just torn right off the building. Couches, beds, everything was floating out in the street. You could maybe just see the very top of the cars that were parked, they were covered by the ocean. Everything from the first floor was out on the street. It was a pretty sick sight. To see God’s power, that hurricane took off roofs, half the sides of buildings, it just totally devastated North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach.

After the hurricane and water receded, we found that everybody got money from the insurance companies. All were painting their little buildings, every place had a face lift — it was beautiful after that, everything looked bright and new, every board was fixed, every screen that was out was put back. It took time, but everything was looking so beautiful. Then we realized, Baba said someday this would be a big city. Of course, Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach were just small little places, with nice little buildings to come for vacation; but to say you live in Myrtle Beach or North Myrtle Beach — people would say, where is that? Now you don’t have to tell anybody, everybody knows where Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach are, that they’re a place for a wonderful vacation. So Baba has brought hundreds and thousands, of people so they will pass his Center, if they know him to be God or if they don’t. That’s how Baba said, someday this will become a big city, and it is a big city now. People are living all the way to the waterway and past it, way on out to where we live now on Highway 9, everything is just packed. High-rises everywhere and thousands and thousands of people going past the Center. It is really something to see what took place from such destruction to changing this little town of North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach into a big city like this. It is really wonderful to see this take place because of what Baba said when He was at the Center, and it is a big city now.

So then I understood why I was seeing such big buildings, in my vision, and now people make their first or second homes here, and many, many people are here now. We’ve now got more than a couple of grocery stores, a little Piggly Wiggly is all that we once had, but now stores everywhere, all kinds of stores. It’s a beautiful vacation spot, and the Center, of course, being run by Baba, and Baba’s caring. I hope a lot of people can have the gift of being able to come to the Center someday. I know you will love it if you do. Baba said, “When you find yourself here, know then that I called you.” So you’ll answer the call, when Baba calls. Jai Baba.

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