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Meher Baba World-Wide Meditation

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Meher Baba Group Meditation – World


2018 was a difficult year with many challenges both individually and in the world in general.

It can make us feel quite small and helpless even though we try in our individual lives to make a difference whenever the opportunity arises whether it be helping neighbours, family, friends or just in how we recycle our waste.

I’d like to put forward a suggestion in which we as individuals can have a greater effect.

We in the Meher Baba community are quite fortunate in many ways :-

Firstly in hearing of and then learning about Meher Baba.

Secondly being able to connect with others, many of whom are from very different backgrounds but have the same common interest – Meher Baba.

Thirdly we come from many different countries around the world.

It is with these three aspects in mind that I would like to put forward a suggestion to you which I believe will enable us as individuals to make a difference in the world.

Each of us when we connect to Meher Baba and sit in His Divine love and light are like little candles dotted around the world.

I would like to suggest that for one day a month, say the 12th, as many of us connect on or with that date at present. We sit and meditate for say an hour, no matter what country we are in, at midday local time.

We connect to Meher Baba and together send love and light to the earth and all its inhabitants You may like to visualise Meher Baba sitting with the world in His hands or using your own images as preferred.

The main thing is that we are doing this together, as a collective on the same day, putting love and light into the earth and its inhabitants – Our home and family.

There is no need to acknowledge this e-mail, only for you to decide whether to join me on the 12th of each month thereafter or not.

The only thing I ask is that you please pass this on to other Baba followers as obviously the more people involved the brighter the light and the deeper and wider the impact.

In His Love


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