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eBook Available for “The Spiritual Abode for One and All”

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The Spiritual Abode for One and All by Jonathan Burroughs
now in an updated PDF eBook edition

Jonathan recently received the seven messages give by Meher Baba during the Fiery Free Life. One of them reflects the major theme of his book, The Spiritual Abode for One and All, so he has added the message to the conclusion of an updated version of the book, which is now available as an eBook (PDF).

While all of the Fiery Free Life messages are recommended reading, this message in particular,  “Our Ills and Our Remedies,” sheds light on the relationship between organizations and the individual. Baba’s words begin as follows:

“In the world of quiet speculation, as well as in the world of surging political activity, or individual striving, men are desperately trying to remedy the many ills to which humanity is heir. All our creeds and faiths, all our parties and ‘isms,’ are so many practical solutions offered toward this purpose. But, though good in their intention and starting point, they often create confusion and chaos instead of solutions, because they lose sight of the inescapable truth that all external organization is doomed to failure unless it is implemented by inner spiritual transformation of the individual.

“I am, therefore, not concerned with parties, creeds and ‘isms,’ but only with those fundamental values which must be wholeheartedly and universally accepted, if humanity is to be truly saved. I am equally concerned with the saint and the sinner, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the ignorant and the wise, the East and the West. For them all, the one remedy of remedies, which is recommended, is spiritual understanding, which at once includes and supersedes all other forms of knowledge.”

(Meher Baba on the Fiery Free Life and Seven Other Messages, pp. 14–15, AMB Trust eBook,; also in Lord Meher online ed., pp. 3203–4)

For The Spiritual Abode for One and All in the updated eBook (PDF version only), visit Sheriar Books online. (Print edition also available at Sheriar.)

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