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Filis and the Environmental Crisis

To tell the truth, I am not sure either Filis Frederick or climate change is truly “controversial” among Baba-lovers. Still, because of the unusual nature of Filis’s visionary experiences, and the fact that some in the public are skeptical of climate change, I decided to place this piece in the Controversy Corner section. —Kendra


Climate Change, Meher Baba, and Filis’s Vision of the Future

by Clive Adams


(Photo by Cherie La Rosa Longo)


Over the last 15 years or so, I have been closely following the scientific reports and alerts regarding climate change, sea level rise, weather impacts, arctic ice melt, species extinction, ocean acidification and how all these things connect to human activity.


I started becoming environmentally aware, beginning with the first Earth Day in 1970-71. This was followed shortly thereafter by the two oil embargoes. This is when I began to realize something was seriously up with our planet and the environment. The near-miss with Three Mile Island was also a wake-up call, as was Chernobyl in Ukraine and now Fukushima.


Since Filis and I had these conversations in the early ’70’s, things have sped up and changed dramatically on our planet and disasters are an almost daily or weekly occurrence. I recall having many conversations with Filis Frederick about what she had seen in her visions regarding the future. We also talked about anything Meher Baba might have said on the subject. It is a long story to go into all aspects of this subject right now, but I will share a brief overview of what Filis used to share with me on the subject.


If my recollection is correct, Filis first started seeing what was going to happen in the future, when she was about 16 years of age [about 1932], during an intense illness, in which she was hospitalized for some weeks or months. At some point during the hospitalization, Filis was taken out of her body for two or three days and shown in vivid detail all the events of what would lead to and include World War II, down to specific dates, names of places, and major battles.


She also said she knew in advance, during the actual war that followed, when and what was going to happen, in great detail. Everything she was shown in her visions at the age of 16 came to pass as she had seen it in the out-of-body experience. She also stated that during World War II, she rarely got more than two hours’ sleep because she was taken out of her body each night to assist on various battlefields, with recently departed soldiers, killed in battle. There was apparently a shortage of guides on the other side to assist souls who had died in battle.


I used to ask Filis to share what she had seen during the postwar period and into the future. I asked her to repeat this part of her vision on more than one occasion. She said she had written it all down immediately after the three-day out-of-body experience, and at the time we were first discussing it, her notes and diaries on the subject were stored for safekeeping in an underground A-bomb-proof vault, along with many other important original manuscripts and documents which Meher Baba or the Mandali had sent to her over the years. This all became part of Filis’s famous Archive. Without access to Filis’s journals and notes, I can only give a superficial hint of what she told me and knew about the future.


Here is the gist of what I recall, from as far back as 45 years ago. Filis said she was flown (out of the body) over the United States and the continent of North America and shown what it would look like some years hence. She said the U.S. was pockmarked everywhere, with environmental disaster areas and dead zones and there were vast areas that had become uninhabitable and the land unusable.


She also was shown another, even more disturbing vision, of some kind of “path of destruction” which seemed to cross a section of our continent and which I asked her to explain in more detail, but all she would say is, “It was like a meteor or part of a comet had hit the U.S.” (Could it be something to do with the major high-intensity tornadoes we are now seeing hit every year?) I really felt she was purposely holding something back and in fact I came to know some years later that she wouldn’t even discuss the latter parts of the vision with anyone — for fear of upsetting people, I assume. On several occasions I pressed her to share more about the future, but other than small hints, she refused to add more details. For instance, she had seen the Golden Gate Bridge fall into the ocean. Lots of “insignificant” stuff like that! Yikes…


But there was one thing I do recall Filis sharing and it involved the last part of her three-day out-of-body experience. (Keep in mind that at the time she had the vision, she hadn’t yet heard of, nor met, Meher Baba.) She said that when the destruction on Earth had reached its height and the suffering in the world was also at its height, a World Teacher appeared, manifesting suddenly and universally, surrounded by many angels and people who at the time she couldn’t identify, but later came to recognize as Kitty, Margaret, Elizabeth, Norina, and the Eastern Mandali, etc.


Finally, I recall Filis saying, after the World Teacher appeared, He ushered in a new era of universal peace, cooperation, and love. Years later, when Filis came to know of Meher Baba, the face of the World Teacher she was shown in the vision was none other than face of Meher Baba. (No surprise there!)


Postscript: I strongly recommend everyone watch a nine-part Showtime series that began recently [April 13, 2014], called Years of Living Dangerously. The series is so well done, so timely, and so important, for the following reasons. Everyone on our planet must make an effort now to get up to speed on Climate Change and the fact that it is directly attributable to excess carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane emissions, caused primarily by human activities. This fact is now 100% irrefutable, and if you study the subject, you will begin to see what Filis’s vision was all about.


When Filis first shared this vision, neither of us had the vocabulary or understanding to adequately express in words what she had seen. But Filis did refer to vast manmade environmental disasters, toxic waste sites, nuclear disasters, as well as natural calamities. These things she said were inevitable. At the time I was thinking, “This must be way in the future; it couldn’t happen in the foreseeable future.” Well, I was wrong about that. It is already happening on a global scale and the future is now upon us, and we Baba Lovers need to take whatever responsibility we can to become informed and inform others. Meher Baba isn’t going to save us, if we’re to be saved — we need to be the agents of the changes that must soon be made collectively, before it is too late. Either way, Baba is coming soon….


Clive Adams, May 5, 2014

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