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Was BUDDHA the God-Man?

parinirvana2The religion we know as Buddhism is usually called “nontheistic” or “atheistic.” Mahayana Buddhism emphasizes the doctrine of “no-self,” and the belief in “self,” “soul” (atman), or an eternal deity is rejected. In contradiction to Buddhist doctrine, Meher Baba has declared that Buddha is one of the previous advents of the Avatar, the God-Man, God in human form. (Buddha is accepted by Hindus as an Avatar of Vishnu; Meher Baba’s use of the term Avatar is different and is not a reference to Vishnu but to the universal Supreme Deity Himself.)


By serendipity I came across the website of an English professor. Dr. Tony Page, who specializes in the Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra, which presents the Buddha’s “affirmative teachings on the immortal reality of the Self or Soul (the atman) of the Buddha, present in all beings.” He wrote a very accessible little book, Buddha and God, in which he examines the controversial notion of the Buddha as God. I enjoyed the book very much, and Dr. Tony was kind enough to let me post it here as a pdf file for free download, as I felt it would be of interest to Baba-lovers. The notion that the Buddha was/is God is not controversial to Baba-lovers, of course. But to Buddhist we might go so far as to call it scandalous! So let the hate mail begin, and of course the Love mail as well. I hope you enjoy the book.


Download the book BUDDHA AND GOD by DR. TONY PAGE by clicking HERE.

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