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The Unfathomable Opportunity

by Harvey Roberts

[First published in 2012 on the Remembrances website (no longer online).]


I say with my Divine Authority to each and all that whosoever takes my name at the time of breathing his last comes to me; so do not forget to remember me in your last moments. Unless you start remembering me from now on, it will be difficult to remember me when your end approaches. You should start practicing from now on. Even if you take my name only once every day, you will not forget to remember me in your dying moments.

—Meher Baba, from “My Wish,”


Meher Baba clearly emphasizes in “My Wish” (Bhau has repeatedly reminded us of that message’s importance) that the important thing is for us to remember Baba in our dying moments.

It does not matter whether we are gross-conscious at the time of our death or not. It is not the state of consciousness that we are in. The absolutely critically, crucially and necessary, important thing to be doing is to be remembering Baba as the soul is leaving the body. This assures any and every one who does this of mukti [liberation] or of God-realization in our dying moments. Isn’t this absolutely incredible?

Ordinarily a soul has to go through aeons of times in the gross world and agonize through  the subtle and mental worlds and then long intensely for union with God before God gives that soul mukti or God-realization. Now, because we are living in the glorious time of the Avatar’s Advent and Manifestation, wherein Baba is flooding all of creation with His Divine Love (because He is Love Divine Itself), one expression of this Love is instant mukti or God-realization to any and all who remember Baba in their dying moment, regardless of what state they are at in their spiritual journey back to God. Ordinarily, few souls receive mukti or God-realization doing any period of time. But during this glorious time of Baba’s Advent, thousands, tens, hundreds of thousands and more can receive mukti or God-realization.

This unfathomable opportunity is so unimaginable that it is simply inconceivable to most, including us as Baba-lovers. It is extremely difficult for us to grasp this reality of Baba’s expression of His unconditional Divine Love, i.e., the reality of the opportunity that Baba-God is giving all of His lovers and others (and without the agonizing bliss and other requirements) the chance to so easily grab the pure GOLD RING of mukti or God-realization with just the remembrance of Baba.

So, as I am understanding it, we need not worry about being gross-conscious when we are dying. In “My Wish” Baba has clearly and lucidly spelled out exact what we should do to assure that we will be remembering Him in our dying moments. All we have to do is, “Just Do It”: just do as Baba has instructed — remember Him in our dying moment.

Quotes from “Death and Immortality” by Meher Baba

Source: Listen, Humanity, edited by D. E. Stevens

The thought or wish the dying individual holds at the moment of death has special importance in determining his future destiny. If the last thought is of God or the Master, the individual achieves Liberation.


The true death of the individual occurs at the moment when he transcends his limited individuality or separative consciousness by being taken up in the truth-consciousness of the unlimited and undivided being of God. The true death of the individual consists in the complete disappearance of the limiting ego-mind that has created the sanskaric veil of ignorance. True death is a far more difficult process than physical death, but when it occurs through the grace of the Master, it takes no longer than the twinkling of an eye. This dissolution of the ego-mind and the freeing of the soul from the illusion of separative limited individuality are known as liberation.


Although I am taking my own name continuously, I have come to hear it repeated by my lovers. And even though I were deaf, I would hear it if you repeated it only once with all your heart in it. If you cannot remember me constantly, then always take my name before going to sleep and on waking up. At least remember to remember me when you breathe your last, and you will still come to me. But how will you remember at the last moment, unless you start to remember me right now?


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