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Rhoda and Adi Dubash


 When we went to India in 1996, we were invited to the homes of many people. Rhoda and Adi Dubash were living in a nice little home down the hill from the Tomb, and they asked us to visit one evening. It was really wonderful because we were having a wonderful meal with different ones she had invited. Rhoda and Adi told their story that night of how they got to India from Pakistan, and how they were able to get their citizenships, which was near impossible at that time, but Baba wanted them to live right down the Hill from His Tomb.

When we would go over to see the Mandali at Meherazad, we’d all get on the bus, and the bus would stop for Rhoda right in front of her home. I didn’t realize how blind she was, as she was able to make it to the bus and was helped onto a seat. I didn’t know at that time that she was blind because of macular degeneration. As it turned out, I found out years later that I had macular degeneration, too, and I felt that somehow I was helped by Rhoda. In my case I was able to take medicine, and I did lose sight temporarily in one eye, but it came back in spite of the doctor’s saying I would go totally blind. Macular degeneration always goes from one eye into the other eye after a while, but it didn’t happen to me.

I always think of the beautiful people we met in India, and how we were getting their help before we were even aware of it. I always thought of Rhoda and what Baba might have been working out between us. Such a lovely friendship we had. It was a gift from Baba to be shown that all I had to do was to take a certain medicine. When I took it, gradually my eyes improved so much so that I wear glasses only once in a while to read. Baba saved my eyesight when there was nothing the doctors could do.

In 1986, Rhoda was at the Tomb with Mansari. They would open the Tomb in the mornings, and my sister Eileen and I were asked to clean the Tomb. I was real close to my grandma, and I thought Rhoda looked so much like her. I thought Rhoda was just wonderful. When we went back to India in 1996, I saw her again, and she had lost a lot of weight, but she still reminded me of my grandma, beautiful, wonderful, sweet lady. Rhoda spent her last days at Meherabad.

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