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Through Mehera’s Eyes

Through Mehera’s Eyes

I remember one time when I sent a Christmas gift to Mehera. What was real popular that Christmas was to make puzzles out of your children’s photos. Put the puzzle together and see the child’s picture. I asked Lyn Ott if I could make copies of some of his paintings of Baba. I thought, gee, how nice that would be to send something like that to the Mandali women, and they could put Baba’s pictures together. My grandma and grandpa always had made things like that, and we would do that, and puzzles were very popular back then. Wouldn’t that be nice, everybody just sitting around putting a puzzle together? You could walk away, come back, and put another puzzle together, and Lynn Ott’s paintings were so full of the same kind of colors, it would be a nice challenge to put together.

Well, I sent it and I had India written on the package, but it was sent to Indiana, and then returned back to me. So I right away went to the post office, mailed it again to India, and waited. The weeks went by, and I thought something’s not right. Oh, what did I do? Then the letter came from Mehera, and she told me how much it hurt her to see Baba’s pictures in pieces. I never thought of it like that. I didn’t see through the eyes of Mehera and what it would mean to her. I was in a state of shock. “Oh, Mehera,” I thought. I had to sit down and write a letter back to her. Well, I was a crying mass of humanity for a couple of weeks. Finally, I got the letter off. I was so sorry I hurt Baba’s Mehera. I couldn’t imagine doing something like that. Hurting her so terribly. That is one of the worst things anyone could do on Earth, and I did it. I did it. I hurt Baba’s Mehera.

Yes, Baba has given me His grace to be able to forgive myself, but it took a long time. I’ll always remember the lesson: if anything comes back, something is wrong — don’t resend it. If only I could have caught that right away, I would never have hurt Mehera, but my way of seeing it was so different from hers. I used this lesson to remember to always think, and look through the eyes of Mehera whenever I say and do anything.

When you are talking, remember Mehera’s heart is so pure of love for Baba, at least try to see things through her eyes until the day you close your eyes for the last time. Always keep your eyes open as Mehera’s eyes looking at whatever you’re saying or writing. Let it come through the love that Mehera had for Baba so the words stay pure as Mehera. It is the worst thing, I feel; people can kill each other, wars can go on, but I did the worst thing in all the world, I hurt Baba’s Mehera, and that I always remember, but with a grateful heart, because I learned a lot, an awful lot about life, a lot about listening to people when they speak, a lot about knowing what questions to ask whenever I open my mouth when I have a thought. This changed my whole life. I’ve never been the same, never, never could be the same after that happened. I couldn’t be the same knowing what I had done, but knowing very, very well the love that Mehera and Baba and all of them have, so much love, so much compassion; they forgive everything, and it’s not even that they have to forgive. That’s the kind of love they have. They don’t even have to forgive, I remember that too. Regardless of what people do, we all belong to God and that’s the way it is.

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