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Mehera’s Message

Mehera’s Message

Now, in 1989 when Mehera passed away into Baba, I have to say I didn’t know about it right away. One day I was in my kitchen doing my dishes and felt a presence. I turned around and there Mehera was standing. She was in a beautiful sari, and was looking at me with that cute little sweet smile that she always had — it’s a real cute little smile — and she says to me, “Do not feel that you are ever, ever, ever separated from God. No one is separated from God. Not ever. And know that there will not have to be any war when women come together and work together in harmony. In harmonizing their way of working, they will not have to send their sons, daughters, grandsons, to war. There will be no more war. The peace and love of the family will come back. The women, it will take women, to work together in harmony to have this come about, and someday this will be. And there will be no more war.”

I was taken by such a beautiful feeling of no more war, being that I had sons and grandsons and granddaughters. I thought, oh, if only us women could work together for peace and harmony and use our love, our female love — that’s what she was expressing — female love coming together and women working together for the purpose of peace. That was a beautiful gift she gave me. Now I can tell others what it will take for men not to have to go to war. Mehera made that perfectly clear to me. It takes the women coming together in harmony, that’s the way she said it — harmony — and when harmony can exist between women, men will not be able to make war.

That was a beautiful gift in 1989 when Mehera came; she looked so beautiful and so happy. I was standing just taking this in, and it felt so normal to see her. In a few days I heard about her passing, and then realized, oh, Baba had her come to me to give me the message, and so I pass this message on now. The most beautiful love there is, is between Baba and Mehera, the female and male side of God. So it’s all up to us women now; we’ll see what it is that can be done, by Baba’s grace. Ask Baba’s grace to help us women to be able to bond together in peace and harmony.

How beautiful Baba and Mehera’s life is together, the purity of their life, that is real love, and that love is all in the heart, each one of us has all that love in our heart any time we wish to use it. God does not push himself on us. He wants us to accept His love. He gives us His grace and then waits for us to accept His love, and then we have His love. And I always say, “Oh, Baba, you give with both hands,” and that’s for sure—with both hands.

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