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Mastan, Baba’s Dog

Mastan, Baba’s Dog

Mehera was standing on her porch, we were all standing around her, and she started to tell this story about how Baba’s dog, Mastan, wouldn’t eat after Baba dropped His body. They tried to force-feed him but he just wouldn’t eat because he loved Baba so much. He and was around Baba during the times when Baba was disabled and had to sit, and he would always be at Baba’s side. Mehera started to cry, and I wanted to go up and hug her, I felt so sad, because she was remembering the pain of losing Baba and not ever seeing him again. She could relate to the poor little dog, and he did pass on. It was so beautiful to see the love that Mehera was expressing through the dog’s longing to have Baba, and her deep sorrow in not being able to see Baba anymore in the body. That heartache was almost too much for me to stand there with her and see her feel so bad, just that beautiful, beautiful love between them.








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