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Changing Seats

Changing Seats

The women would meet Mehera and all sit around on her porch, and I said to this woman, Jack Small’s mother Virginia, “It looks like you’re uncomfortable.” She said, “Yes, I am uncomfortable.” She was sitting on a little stool and I was sitting in a nice cushy chair, so we exchanged chairs. I went over and sat down on this little stool, and it was located right by Mehera’s legs, so I was sitting right next to Mehera, and one of the girls said something about it: “Oh, you just changed seats so you could sit by Mehera.” I was so surprised. I hadn’t thought of that, I just saw Virginia in so much pain, I knew she couldn’t sit there too long with her back hurting. I didn’t know it then, but she had been in a car accident and really had a bad back for many years from that accident. So Mehera said to this girl, “Exchange seats.” So this girl and I exchanged seats. I didn’t know anything about her, but when I saw this girl on the stool, she was moving around just like Virginia Small. She started to wiggle and wiggle, but Mehera never asked her if she was comfortable; she just asked me if I was comfortable, and I said yes. So when I was put farther away from her, I just looked at Mehera and I thought, gee, what’s going on? This girl had to sit there, anything but comfortable, through the whole talk all of us women had. I realized I hadn’t done that for the purpose of sitting right by Mehera. I’ll never forget how that turned out, because I felt that maybe my not understanding that, gee whiz, I was sitting right by Mehera; but Baba knew and Mehera knew that I wanted to make Jack Small’s mother comfortable, she was a wonderful lady.

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