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I went to India in 1986 with my husband Jeff and my twin sister Eileen for a lovely three-week visit, and received the most beautiful experience from Mehera. One day we went to Meherazad, and all of the women were invited for tea with Mehera. We were all sitting around the table when Mehera walks over from where she was sitting to Baba’s picture; she put her hand up to Baba and said, “Baba darling.” I was sitting on the other side of the table from her, and when she said that, all of a sudden I felt the experience of Baba waking up in me. I lived all my life longing and longing and suffering, longing for God, ever since I was a child — suffering and longing for God; and when Mehera said, “Baba darling,” just like that I experienced the most beautiful love. I then knew that God lives right in us and He never leaves us — never. When we sleep He is with us, He is always with us, He never leaves. It was such a wonderful feeling sitting there, so full of love, and all of us looking at Mehera.

When we were finished, we walked out onto the porch, and Mehera went and sat on a love seat (made for two people) right under Baba’s picture, and Mehera asked to have her picture taken with me and my sister, and said that I was to sit in this love seat with her. She asked the woman that took the picture to take two pictures. So as the woman was getting the camera focused, Mehera reached over and took my hand. As the picture was snapped, the most beautiful feeling came over me. It was as if — I have to say it like this — Mehera took my hand and introduced me to her Beloved, and her Beloved became my Beloved. The love was so intense that my face flushed, and was bright red and shiny as the picture was taken. That love is like no love you have here on Earth. It comes directly from God, and you are put in heaven, so to speak. Right in our bodies we have this beautiful, beautiful feeling of knowing that God’s love is always with us. Then the second picture was taken. There aren’t words to describe being with Mehera and Baba together; it was a beautiful and wonderful feeling, and I saw nothing other than Mehera going to Baba. Baba was standing and facing her and me. I was quite far back from where Mehera was, and I wondered at the time, How come she is so close and I’m way, way, way back? Now I realize — you know, it’s been a long time, that was in 1986, and Mehera passed out of her body in 1989, and it is now 2010. I’m still here — come back for a purpose — and live for the time when Baba calls me to Himself.

I wasn’t aware at the time of all those standing around watching the picture being taken. However, later that day my sister said, “Arlene did you see! Mani was actually leaping in the air, and the other Mandali were jumping up and down!” I said no, I didn’t see that. She said, “Oh, you had to, it was just — they were jumping and jumping!” I said no, I didn’t see that. At the time, I didn’t say anything to my sister about the experience I had. As Mehera held my hand, she kept her hand there, after this beautiful experience introducing her Beloved to me, and I’m feeling so much love from Mehera — and then I feel Mehera and Baba’s love together. Mehera and Baba — such a pure love — and having me be able to be right there with them. Every time I look at that picture I remember that beautiful, beautiful feeling. The most beautiful love of God in us, and it is so extremely compassionate, and the love is so pure.

It was just absolutely a beautiful gift Mehera gave me, and I shall never ever, ever forget it. And I am very grateful to Baba for the experiences that He has given me. Baba does all the work, does all the suffering, and the whole world here is run by the love of the Avatar. We may think with our minds we are doing things, but it is Baba who is living here, and only Baba. This I experience every day of my life.




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