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Mansari’s Last Days

Mansari’s Last Days

 When we went to India in 1996, Mansari was dying, and it seemed odd not to see her at the Tomb. I went over to her house where Jal and Dolly Dastur were taking care of Mansari until she would pass away. Dolly asked me to come on into her room. Mansari was lying propped up on a small bed. She was bent over, so they propped her up so she could be on her back, but had to be kind of sitting a little bit. She wasn’t what you would call totally conscious. I knew it wasn’t going to be long, Baba was calling her. Dolly said to me, “Arlene, lay on top of Mansari.” Being a Westerner, we don’t do that in hospitals or anyplace, and so I kind of hesitated, and so she said, “No, go now, lay on top of Mansari.” So I thought, do as I’m told because they’re taking care of Mansari and they are telling me it’s all right, so I went and laid on her, and of course I held my body up with my arms, and then Dolly said, “Lay on her, touch her body, lay on her!” So I went down, and down, and laid right on her body, just laid there, her head was right by mine. She was dying, she had just a few more days.

I knew I had liver trouble, the doctors really could not do anything for me, but I wasn’t dying, at least not yet, and Mansari is dying of liver problems. As I lay on her body I knew my liver was being healed, I just knew I knew. It was so wonderful, and Mansari let me be able to do that. I know she allowed it, she had Dolly tell me to do that. Not that she woke up out of a coma or anything, but I know that Jal and Dolly loved Mansari, they were so close to her. It was very hard on Jal, he had tears in his eyes, to have to say goodbye after knowing Mansari for so long, and being so close to her. I felt so privileged and thanked Baba so much. Afterward I went into the Tomb saying, “Oh, Baba, Baba, I know Mansari is coming to you very soon, Oh, Baba, Baba, how wonderful, how happy she will be.” I remember feeling so good. So happy. Not like coming out of a funeral home being unhappy, I wasn’t. I was happy knowing that Mansari was going to be so happy going to Baba.

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