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Cleaning the Tomb

Cleaning the Tomb

 In 1986, my sister and I would go to Baba’s Tomb early in the morning. For the three weeks we were in Meherabad, Mansari gave us the privilege of cleaning Baba’s Tomb each morning. At that time the inside of the Tomb was still the original mural painting by Helen Dahm [from the 1930s, before restoration]. So Mansari showed us how to clean, how to take the rag and dust off the walls, but very lightly; and then to get down on our hands and knees and scrub the floor and the top of Baba’s Tomb. It was the most beautiful feeling how Mansari showed us how to clean and how important it was to clean with so much love in our hearts. This is something Jeff and I both learned from the Mandali.

I was raised Roman Catholic, and I remember as a child I would clean the inside of the tabernacle. While I was cleaning the tabernacle and the top of the altar, the priest would come and take the Host out of the tabernacle so that I could stand on a little chair and reach inside. The nun that I was working with was showing me how to do it. While on my hands and knees in front of Baba’s Tomb — there inside Baba’s Tomb — and cleaning the floor I remembered how I cleaned the tabernacle and thought: Oh, dear God, thank you for giving me this job. I remembered as a child the beautiful feeling of the presence of God when I was cleaning the tabernacle, and was so grateful as an adult to be given the cleaning job in the Tomb. It means so much to me to remember dear little Mansari, and how she let us clean Baba’s Tomb that whole time.

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