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 A few words may help readers appreciate this brief story by Arlene. This is one of several stories in which Arlene discovered a new way of looking at life through others’ eyes. Khorshed Irani was one of the earliest women Mandali and a close friend of Mehera’s. In her elderly years she lived in a modest room at the Trust compound in Ahmednagar, not in Meherazad or Meherabad like the other Mandali. She rarely left her room. Many pilgrims did not even realize Khorshed was there, or recognize who that elderly lady was. Those, like Arlene, who did get in on the “secret” and took the opportunity to visit Khorshed found a treasure. —Editor (Kendra)

 I met Khorshed and we had tea together. It was really wonderful. We were sitting at the Trust Office and seeing all the ins and outs — people coming and going and doing. So I saw another part of Baba’s Work from the Trust Office.


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