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Bal Natu


When we were in India, Bal Natu had us over to his room at Meherazad. He was sitting on his bed, and I was sitting in the chair that Bal always sat in, and Jeff was sitting in another chair. Bal, just knowing us so totally, said to Jeff, “And how is your business?” Jeff looked down at the floor. He didn’t answer Bal right away. I looked at Bal Natu and I thought, “Oh, Bal, help us, help us.” And Jeff said, “I guess the business is all right, but I won’t be able to keep the business if I don’t learn how to run it better, and to know what prices to ask, I really need help.” Bal Natu could tell how sad my husband was, because he wanted to be able to give me a good life, and to be able for us to continue to volunteer at the Center like Jeff and I did.

Everything Bal Natu helped Jeff with came to pass: we kept our business and did quite well. The help Bal gave Jeff with his business was showing him how to take care of things, what kind of time to spend on this and that, how to charge for the work. Little by little, Bal Natu showed us both how to do it, because I worked too with Jeff in the business.

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