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Baba’s Tomb


Back in 1986, when we first went to India, I walked into the Tomb for the first time and was given a beautiful experience that I shall never forget. Walking up the Hill, I was thinking to myself, it’s all so wonderful. My goodness, I’m right here, right at Baba’s Tomb, right where Baba, after all His work for humanity, is laid to rest. But Baba never rests, because His work continues to go on after He drops His body, and with all the work He did, and all the suffering He had as a human and as God, He helps us to be able to know ourselves as God.

So we are walking up the path to the Tomb, so beautiful as we see it when we are coming across the lot, stopping at the little bench and taking our shoes off, and walking to the entrance of the Tomb. I was told how to enter: for example, not to step on the threshold [because people place their heads there], but step over it and walk into the Tomb. Then I knelt down right at the feet of Baba, because Baba is lying in the Tomb with his head away from us and his feet down where we can put our heads. I bent down, put my head on Baba’s Tomb, and said, “Baba, Baba, take all of me. Just take all of me.” And just like that, there was a knowing, Baba letting me know, “Here I am going to lay out right on the top of my Tomb [the marble slab covering the crypt], I’m going to lay out what it is and how you are to follow. All you have to do is just cut the pattern out. I’ve got it all laid out for you right here on the top of my Tomb. All you have to do now is just cut it out, it’s all there for you, and as time goes on you just follow, follow the life I have given you here.” So as I was bowing my head I was thinking of that, and as I raised my head up, I looked down at his Tomb and thought, “Oh, my goodness, Baba, all I have to do is follow You. You have already laid my whole life out for me. You have laid my life out for me, and all I have to do now is follow.” I could see myself just cutting that pattern of my life out and just following those lines, and I knew, oh my God, I’ve been saved. I have been saved. For the very first time I looked around the Tomb and saw how it looked inside. I looked up and looked at the inside of the dome, the paintings of Baba and Mehera, oh what a beautiful, beautiful love, and now here I am being able to leave here, leave the Tomb now, and know that my whole life has already been laid out for me to follow.

As I walked backwards out of the Tomb, not turning my back to Baba, and stepped over the threshold, bowed down again, and turned, and as I turned, Nana Kher was standing there with prasad, a little piece of candy. As I put my hands together to receive the gift from Baba, and as Nana Kher put the gift from Baba into my hands. I’ll never forget Nana Kher’s voice and his words, “Welcome Home.” It was as if I had been endlessly searching for centuries and now I heard the words I had wanted to hear all my lifetimes. This lifetime I wanted so much to know God, and as a child I was in pain not knowing Him. I felt I had to know God, I had to really know Him, and when I heard those words, “Welcome Home,” I knew then I was saved and I was going to be able to go home this time, and stay, with Baba, and I had waited so long to hear that.

It was such a wonderful way that Baba laid my life out for me, right on top of His Tomb. He let me know that I would receive His grace, which was to follow Him all the way and never ever get off the path. Mehera helped me to know I was going to follow her all the way to Baba. She was almost there, and I was following her. This was the most beautiful gift I could ever receive, my life laid out on Baba’s Tomb, Nana Kher’s welcome home, and Mehera’s.

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