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Adi K. Irani


When arrived at the Trust Office in 1986, we were met by a young boy who took Jeff’s hand, but we hesitated following him because we didn’t know him. We were delighted when the boy said, “You’ve got to see Bhauji.” The boy was pulling us into Bhau’s room.

Back in 1980, Jeff and I were planning to go to Myrtle Beach from our home in St. Louis in to meet Adi Sr., who was scheduled for a visit. However, he dropped his body before the visit. We were really looking forward to meeting him, so it was a great disappointment to us. Now, here we were in India, six years later, and who was the first person to greet us, none other than Adi come back as Bhau’s grandson. We were so surprised when Bhau told us who he was.

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