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Visiting India
1986 and 1996

The different Mandali, and others at Meherabad and Meherazad, would ask my twin sister Eileen and me I and my husband, Jeff, to come for tea. We had tea here and there, and it was so wonderful. I didn’t realize at the time, it being our first trip, that not everyone got to have tea with many of the people that have now passed on. Of course, having tea with the Mandali, and the beautiful love that would be experienced while you’re sitting at their table, holding a cup of tea with them, was just absolutely a beautiful experience. They were always so kind and sweet to give so much of their time telling us all about Baba. Hearing about Baba through the eyes of His Mandali was wonderful — what He said, how He treated them, so much about Baba’s beautiful sweetness. It was wonderful being able to hear this from each and every one of them in their own way and how they took it. Even though it was hard for them to be with Baba at times, still there was something so beautiful they all received from Him.

Now some stories of experiences that my husband and I had when we went to India and stayed in Meherabad [site of Baba’s Tomb-Shrine] and visited Meherazad [Baba’s home]. The following are stories of those we had such a connection with, and how the Mandali, who lived with Baba, helped my husband and me to be able to feel Baba’s beautiful love and understand Him more. Such a beautiful and wonderful gift we were given — directly from the Mandali. I can hardly express enough of the love, to know how the Mandali helped my husband and me through all these years, in so many ways, with our health, with my children — they have helped us with everything in all kinds of ways.

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