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Baba’s Arlene
January 27, 1930–August 4, 2011

In 2010 I asked Arlene if she would be willing to record some stories of her experiences with Baba, in order to make them available to others. Arlene agreed, with the stipulation that they were not to be released until she dropped her body.

Arlene would give tours on Meher Center in Myrtle Beach — Meher Baba’s Home in the West — and Jane Haynes had asked Arlene many times to please record stories from some of the tours she had given. Arlene played this tape for me once many years ago and I was deeply touched, not only by the stories but also the way in which she told them, and the beautiful quality of her voice.

In the past two weeks I felt it was very important to focus on getting these stories ready to be released. I took them as far as I was able, and Kendra has been very generous in offering to help. I feel very strongly to release them over the Internet right away, as Arlene’s “children,” as she called all those to came to her for help, would feel comforted through them, and also feel her love for each and every one of her dear ones whom she loved so unconditionally.

Last night, Thursday, August 4, 2011, at 7:50 p.m., she went to Baba. She was at Loris Hospital under Hospice care, and Jeff Stearns and I and a doctor (who kept thanking Jeff for his kindness) were present. A month or so before her passing Baba had let her know that her work was finished. She stopped taking any calls, or seeing people, and had Jeff take care of the calls.

Arlene was born January 27, 1930 in Quincy, Illinois. She is survived by her husband of 34 years, Jeff Stearns; three sons (Jim Weichert, Dennis Weichert, Ken Weichert); two daughters (Barb and Susie); 14 grandchildren; and her identical twin sister, Eileen Williams, who lives in St. Louis. All of her children still live in Quincy, Ill, except her daughter Barb who lives in Alabama.

Donna Stewart
Myrtle Beach, SC
August 5, 2011

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