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The Alphabet Board: Collected Quotes


A Collection of Sayings of AVATAR MEHER BABA

compiled by Chris Maier


Introducing a new collection of quotes by & attributed to Meher Baba, arranged in alphabetical categories, a format inspired by Meher Baba’s use of the alphabet board.




We hope that you enjoy these quotes and find the collection useful. We at Peeps wish to point out one important issue: Not all “quotes” of Meher Baba are his exact words that were written, dictated, or gestured and recorded by the Mandali with Baba’s approval and corrections or published under his supervision. Some quotes may be recollections of what Baba told someone and phrased as remembered by that individual in their memoir.

Don Stevens has identified several categories of Baba’s words, the most reliable being those that he called Baba’s “special words,” which Don believed contain a charge of spiritual energy that would benefit those who “worked with” those words (i.e., not just read them but put them into practice). Thomas J. Hickey writes:

“The criteria that constitute Meher Baba’s special words … are the manner of their being given out, reviewed and corrected by Baba himself. … On Meher Baba’s own testimony it is necessary to distinguish different aspects of his words. Baba himself said that sometimes he speaks in our language, which we can understand, and at other times in his language, which we cannot understand, and sometimes in a combination of the two, which we can only partially understand. In addition, some of Baba’s words are better documented than others, e.g., things that Baba spelled out on the alphabet board that were written down immediately are more reliable than things Baba reportedly gave out that were subsequently reconstructed from notes or recalled from memory.” [Source:]

I do not mean to suggest that Baba did not intend some of the words quoted in this collection or that they are not genuinely in the spirit of Meher Baba. But the reader should be aware of the distinctions drawn in the above comment by Tom Hickey. Tom has also added further clarification to the Comments section.

There is no substitute for reading complete books by Meher Baba. However, we all enjoy finding quotes on particular topics. I hope Chris Maier’s book, which he obviously put a great deal of work into, will inspire readers to go to the primary sources, particularly those by Meher Baba himself, and read them thoroughly.


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