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eBook Available for “The Spiritual Abode for One and All”

The Spiritual Abode for One and All by Jonathan Burroughs
now in an updated PDF eBook edition

Jonathan recently received the seven messages give by Meher Baba during the Fiery Free Life. One of them reflects the major theme of his book, The Spiritual Abode for One and All, so he has added the message to the conclusion of an updated version of the book, which is now available as an eBook (PDF).

While all of the Fiery Free Life messages are recommended reading, this message in particular,  “Our Ills and Our Remedies,” sheds light on the relationship between organizations and the individual. Baba’s words begin as follows:

“In the world of quiet speculation, as well as in the world of surging political activity, or individual striving, men are desperately trying to remedy the many ills to which… Continue reading

Meher Baba & Doris Day – Baba listened to ‘Que Sera Sera’

Doris Day, an icon of American film and music, passed away at the age of 97 on 13 May 2019. It’s reported on page 507 in Appendix C of Mehera-Meher Volume I (D. Fenster, 2003. Meher Nazar Publications) that Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be), Day’s signature song, was played for Meher Baba.






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Meher Baba World-Wide Meditation

Meher Baba Group Meditation – World


2018 was a difficult year with many challenges both individually and in the world in general.

It can make us feel quite small and helpless even though we try in our individual lives to make a difference whenever the opportunity arises whether it be helping neighbours, family, friends or just in how we recycle our waste.

I’d like to put forward a suggestion in which we as individuals can have a greater effect.

We in the Meher Baba community are quite fortunate in many ways :-

Firstly in hearing of and then learning about Meher Baba.

Secondly being able to connect with others, many of whom are from very different backgrounds but have the same common interest – Meher Baba.

Thirdly we come from many different countries around the world.

It is with… Continue reading

Now in paperback: The Spiritual Abode for One and All

Meher Baba’s Home in the West … A Place of Pilgrimage for

All Time …The Spiritual Abode for One and All.

These phrases all describe both MEHER SPIRITUAL CENTER


Have you ever wondered what Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach might be like as a future world pilgrimage site? The Spiritual Abode for One and All by Jonathan Burroughs is a reflection on the history and future of Meher Center. Now published in an expanded print version, the 183-page book, illustrated in color and black & white, is available from Sheriar Books for $14. Visit or call (843) 272-1339. See this page for a longer description of the contents.

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Happy International Women’s Day 2019


A few of Baba’s women Mandali.



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