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The Spiritual Abode for One and All

Reflections on Avatar Meher Baba’s

Vision for Myrtle Beach

by Jonathan Burroughs

Meher Baba’s Home in the West … A Place of Pilgrimage for

All Time …The Spiritual Abode for One and All.

These phrases all describe both MEHER SPIRITUAL CENTER


THE SPIRITUAL ABODE FOR ONE AND ALL  — a reflection on the history and future of Meher Spiritual Center — has now been published as a paperback print book. Initially published online as an article, it has been expanded and now includes new material on the unique role the Eastern and Western mandali played in the formative days of the Center and on the import of the Scheme of the Universal Spiritual Centers that Avatar Meher Baba initiated in the Spring of 1939.

In this book, Jonathan Burroughs examines the words and actions of Avatar Meher Baba that shed light on his vision for Myrtle Beach as a whole, as well as its implications for the 500 acres designated as Meher Spiritual Center.

Among the topics:

  • What historically unique roles did Meher Baba’s close Eastern and Western women disciples play in the development of his Homes in the East and the West?
  • What role did Baba’s Home and Myrtle Beach as the Grand Strand play in World War II? And how might Baba’s Universal Work relate to notable events in America?
  • What is the history of other primary centers started during WWII: his Meherazad home, and the Universal Spiritual Centers in Mandla and in Byramangala?
  • What is the role of our homes in relationship to Baba’s Home and to organized groups?
  • How can we as individuals participate in the evolution of Meher Center as his Home, which is pervaded by the Avatar’s presence and his love for one and all?

The 183-page book, illustrated in color and black & white, is available from Sheriar Books for $14. Visit sheriarbooks.org or call (843) 272-1339.

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