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Meher Baba’s Vision for Myrtle Beach

The Spiritual Abode for One and All

Reflections on Avatar Meher Baba’s Vision for Myrtle Beach

An article by Jonathan Burroughs




Through an examination of Meher Baba’s words and actions, this article seeks to reflect on the future of Myrtle Beach as the place of world pilgrimage that Meher Baba predicted. It is based on the paradigm of the Avatar’s Home as a model of God’s presence in every heart. The article is personal and is offered to the individual heart, and only secondarily to organizations.


“All my lovers should cooperate to make

Myrtle Beach the spiritual abode for one and all.”

—Meher Baba


  • Four Perspectives: A Center, an Organization, a Retreat, a Home
  • What’s Special about Myrtle Beach?
  • A Center Becomes His “Abode”
  • “This Is My Home”
  • 1941: A Significant Year in Spiritual History
  • Baba’s Visits to Myrtle Beach
  • Centers versus Organizations
  • A “Home” versus a “Center”
  • Myrtle Beach: The Spiritual Abode for One and All
  • Baba’s Wish: A Request of Great Import for His Vision
  • Conclusion










2 Responses to Meher Baba’s Vision for Myrtle Beach

  • Steve Goodman says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful and insightful peek into Baba’s Home in the west. I am left with the feeling that Myrtle Beach is not just a funky tourist destination. The seeds have been sown for it to become a playground of love and service! What an awesome opportunity and responsibility for us in Baba.

  • send me your updates please. Let me know if you want to join my fb group: what is the new humanity?

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